ACCORDION VR - Light and Foldable VR Glasses 



Light As A Feather, Comfort In Every Moment

Whenever I hear an accordion solo on the streets,

my soul is touched by every note.

Enjoying the music from the repetitive compression
and expansion of the bellows

I breathe freely and melt with lingering joy

and feel like I am flying to another world to encounter

an unknown self.

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Accurate Scale Adjustments For Myopia, Zero Burden Light VR

We strive because we care, and we care a lot for those who are myopic.
Therefore, we choose to use accurate scales to help adjust for myopic levels,
allowing for zero burden focus.

Extra-large Aspherical Lens And No Hassles With Pupillary Distance, A Self-adaptive Light VR

Flimsy lenses with large size For wider field of view,
clearer pictures and more light and comfortable experience.

Nanomaterials That Cherishes Your Skin,
A Caring Light VR

A light luxurious VR experience is created by using skin-friendly materials
made from advanced nanomolecules that are gentle with your tender face. By getting rid of the unnecessary bulk and excess we give you a light and comfortable VR experience that you can take with you anywhere.

Immersed Sense Fit The Human Eyes , Light And Comfortable VR

See yourself, see others, and see the world. Watching a film is like watching yourself in another’s world.
With a design that fits snugly around one’s eyes with no light leakage. It offers a luxury yet private experience.
Enjoy lightweight satisfaction, and bravely face your desires!

Extreme Virtual World Experience, A Portable Light VR

Take your portable media center with you wherever you go, and carry your emotions with you into all types of scenarios. Only by making the sensual experience of entertainment extremely realistic, can the deficiency of real life be compensated for. Fall in love gracefully and willingly with the visual experience it has to offer.

FOV 110°~120°, Full Immersive VR

FOV 120° for 6" smartphones,when images appear in front of the eyes, the boundaries can be forgotten due to the wide viewing angle. Fully immerse into and explore the world of dreams.

Virtual Reality Anytime And Anywhere, Luxurious VR

In the world of light VR, memories, distance, love, dreams, and even creations can be made. We created a VR glass that allows you to enjoy the future of VR today.


Ultra-thin lens with a large size takes advantage of water ripple shaped enriched layers to increase optical refraction, presenting a larger view and clearer images, while being thin and comfortable.
Weighs in at only a third of the weight of regular aspherical lenses.
Adaptive pupillary distance of 55-75mm, giving high quality images while allowing a small and light physical profile.

Tech Specs



Product Name:Accordion VR

FOV: 110°-120°

Pupillary Distance: Self-adaptive between 55 and 75mm

Focusing: Can be adjusted according to each eye’s level of myopia

Glasses: Not required

Lens: Square Aspherical Lens

Compatible Cell Phones: 4.5-6"

Glasses-free: Within +2.00 diopters for hyperopia and -6.00 diopters for myopia