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Company Profile

Focalmax is a global intelligent terminal manufacturer and mobile internet service provider, working on a complete “optics + communication + terminal + application” ecosystem based on optics, mobile internet and intelligent terminals.

Global Sales

As a global intelligent hardware development and internet service brand, Focalmax is dedicated to providing the most aesthetically and technologically advanced smart equipment, internet products, and services.

With subsidiaries in Beijing and Hong Kong, its presence covers global markets,
including China, the United States, Europe and South East Asia.

Elite Team

Focalmax is a leader in display and communication technologies with over 100 patents, seven copyrights and a R&D team with more than 100 members. It is also an industry leader in standards for core software, hardware, lens processing, core device costs, and purchase time.


TEAMFocalmax has an international professional team of senior scientists from fields such as optics, internet and mobile communications and also marketing elites from all over the world. The team aims to provide innovative products which have the best technological aesthetics to consumers.


TECHNOLOGYFor over a decade, our researchers have consistently worked on their fields of optics, communications, automation and the internet and have obtained more than 100 patents to get a head start in fields like projection, camera capture, virtual reality and glasses-free 3D technology.