FANGLE P1 - SOHO Personal Digital Meeting Room 



Love Your Life As A Creator

Like Planet B612 for the little prince

Or the mysterious rabbit hole for Alice

Or the Virginia in The Legend of 1900

I have my own world

Where everything is a big thing

Even little things like having a meeting

Be Cool And Quiet

The all-metal heat dissipating grills on the front, back, and side colors your life with the mystery of sci-fi technology.The high-efficiency thermal design reduces noise and prevents overheating, which lets viewers focus on what they’re watching, not how.

Metal & Simple Style

Metal and simple style – no more cliches or exaggeration. The simple yet fine lines, geometrical wire-frame, vitreous decoration at the front, protective sliding lens and sided double metal mesh thermal design, all these tiny details endowing a huge spirit to the projector.

Keeping Your Eyes Safe

Osram environmentally friendly lamp source with a service life of more than 20000 hours. Truly healthy and environmentally friendly, the projector features high brightness, low heat and radiation, and auto keystone correction to protect your family's eyes. Keep watching!


Android system with Wi-Fi & Bluetooth and a huge online content library give you front-row access to a million hours of video you can enjoy on-demand anytime.

Tech Specs



Item Type:Fangle P1

Product Type:Portable DLP Projector

Tech Specs

Projection Technology:DLP

Display Chip:TI 0.45"

Luminance:300 Lumens

Contrast Ratio:1200:1

Luminance Uniformity:80%

Color Gamut:120% NTSC

Resolution (dpi):1280 x 800 pixels

Light Source:R/G/B 3 Color LED Light Source

Lamp Source:OSRAM Lamp Life>20000 Hours

Throw Ratio:1:2:1 (0.8m @40")

Throw Distance:0.5M-5M

Projection Dimensions:40-200" (diagonal)

Lens Shift:100%

Keystone Correction:Automatic

System Memory:1G

Internal Memory:8G

WLAN:2.4G/5G, WIFI b/g/n/AC