SCATI VR ONE - Foldable and Portable All-in-one VR Device 



Open And Jump Into A New World

The loneliest freedom

The gentlest rebellion

Capture your curiosity and nervousness

Immerse into the virtual world

and narrate your own story

Input for Multiple Devices,
Switch Your View by One Button

Built-in Qualcomm’s processor; Connectable with PCs, smartphones, and other devices.
Start intelligent bionic eye 3D camera by one button.
No need to take off the headset to see the real scene.

Handmade with Precision Design

We use advanced skin and environmentally friendly nanomaterials.
Each thread of texture and each sense of feeling have all been taken good care of by the designers.
The best product coating combined with the most respectable user experience.

Dual Intelligent Bionic Eye 3D Camera

With a single lens up to 145°FOV,
the dual lens extra-large FOV almost covers the normal FOV range of human vision,
hat allow you to capture every exciting moment.

Not High Definition, Not VR

The front of the device is a 5.5 inch 2.5K high definition screen, putting an end to the possibility of unsynchronized displaying
from two screens. With super high resolution, it ensures a great sensory experience when using VR. Its not just real, its better than real.

Like An Extension Of Your Body

Differing from the monotony of VR devices made from plastic, it is mainly constructed out of high quality nanomaterials.
The folding hinge is made from durable silicone, and every texture and sensation has been purposely put in place by devoted designers.

Collapsible All-in-one VR Device

Admit it, looks matter in this world. Say goodbye to the awkwardness of putting your phone into a VR BOX, uses the global patent accordion structure.
Wear it to immediately enjoy the immersive entertainment of the world of VR. Fold it up after use and carry it around just like an eyeglass case.

FOV of 110°

110° FOV, satisfying the demand for immersive video viewing and gaming to the highest degree. Large virtual screen,
large depth of field, virtual imaging technology, realistic images in the virtual world, fully immersive entertainment.

The way the world looks depends a lot on how you look at it.The smooth world of virtual reality is made possible by the powerful flagship Qualcomm processor.
With 32GB ROM + 3GB RAM, support for micro SD expansion, and extra-large internal storage capacity,
quick and smooth operation with no lag is ensured.

SCATI ONE Comparison >

Who said that a constricting, stuffy, and stupid looking VR helmet needs to be used to experience the virtual world?
Scati VR ONE neo uses a design where the core components are dispersedly placed, giving an evenly distributed heat dissipating effect and better wearing comfort.
This is also combined with the use of microfiber materials that have high breathability, which increases the heat dissipation effect.

SCATI ONE Comparison >



High quality silicone accordion structure, super light, portable and foldable.
Equipped with Qualcomn’s Snapdragon 820 CPU, smooth operation.
Equipped with the original Android 6.0, supports Wi-Fi/Bluetooth.
Rich gaming experiences with metal texture VR remote control.
Connectable with PC and mobile resources to experience VR content.