SCATI S1 - Monocular Augmented Reality Glasses 



Multi Intelligent Terminal

Data transmission is implemented through Type-C or Lightning

for connection from the intelligent terminal to the AR smart glasses

to create the augmented reality effect.

Welcome to the world of SCATI S1.

Instant Synchronization

Instantly uploads information about the surrounding environment(1080P).
Simultaneous operations of real-time, front-line communication and remote control.
Improving cooperative engagement capability.

Environmental Monitoring

Supports light, distance, geomagnetic, pressure, PM1.0, dust, smoke and
temperature sensor input for comprehensive environmental monitoring
to greatly enhance safety.

190°Panoramic Camera

1080P (lens/sensor); HD videography; capable of shooting
panoramic images and videos with the touch of
a key independentlydesigned optical path

Monocular See-through AR Display

Does not affect the natural field of vision while information, videos, images and other messages can be seen directly.
Augmented reality is implemented using software and algorithms combined with a micro camera and motion sensors.

Can Be Used With A Variety Of Eyeglass Frames

Lightweight design comes with lens clips, suitable for a variety of eyeglass frames.
Myopic and hyperopic users can use directly attach the device onto the eyeglass frame.

High-resolution Front Camera

Sports photo, video recording, live travel broadcasting; view directly on the virtual screen.

Self-developed Optical Lens Module

Utilizes polarization modulation technology, virtual image brightness is adjusted according to the surrounding lighting;
Ultra-wide viewing area so that view is not constrained to a narrow range, comfortable to use.


Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, comes with 4G connection, 6 mode Full Netcom , Android 6.0 , and all the functions in various flagship phones.
Natural voice commands to implement appropriate operations comes with many reserved ports for sensors;
supports sensors such as accelerometers, gyroscopes, electromagnetic and optical sensors, hybrid trackers, and others.

Tech Specs



Model:Scati S1

Product Type:Individual augmented reality glasses

Tech Specs

Display Screen: 0.39 inches 1024 (H) x768 (W)

Buttons: Power, Volume +/-

Input and Output Interfaces: Line-out *1

Pupil Distance Adjustment: Adaptive pupillary distance

Virtual Image Size: 5 inches @250mm

FOV: 31°

Exit Pupil Size: 4*9mm

Exit Pupil Distance: 14mm

Weight: ≦40g (Optical Modules≦20g)

Power Consumption: ≦1W (Screen≦300mw,Bridge Chip≦500mw)

Camera Data Conversion: Implementation Method

Sensors: Turning camera data into data suitable for long-distance transmission through an external chip.

Data Transfer: Custom cable.