How we can use VR for hospitality today


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How we can use VR for hospitality today

2017-02-23 23:50:00

We might know that virtual reality can be used to play game, watch video, or even to teach the children at schools, but have you ever thought about using VR for your hotels and improve the revenue with this technology? 

Actually, this is also not something new at the moment, since people used VR for tourism very early with steroscopic photos, and we can find that some of big giants in hotel industry are using this technology for their business. Even though it is still not really popular yet, when VR is really developed in 5 or 10 years, or even sooner, VR will be applied much more in every fields of our life, of course, hotel industry, too!

If you are ready to think about the uses of VR for your hotels from right now, let’s consider the following suggestion in order to improve your revenue with VR. 

Virtual reality in marketing
As a marketer, we have to think how to use new things to attract the customers and bring them a very clear view of our products and services. Then VR is very great to do this, especially for the hospitality. 

Before determining to book a room at a hotel, people usually do some searches to check which hotel is good for them, and they really want to see the real things of that hotel. Photos or just some reviews from others are still not enough. Then time for us to think about 360-degree and VR contents. These kinds of contents can bring the customers the first experience to our hotels. And now we can see that Marriott or Shangri-La are offering these to their customers. 

Create 360-degree or VR contents To create these kinds of contents (360-degree or VR videos/phots) is not so complicated for us at the moment. 

If we have a great budget, then the high definition content is also great to watch, and then bring our customers great experience. We can see that there are now lots of high definition 360-degree cameras in the market for us to choose, but the problem is still kind of expensive.

When we have no such a great budget, we still have a lot of other choices with smaller cameras that can be used with our smartphone. We can use these kinds of camera in a very flexible way: We can create 360-degree photos/video by ourselves, or even offer to our customers to let them create and share to decent platforms.

Sharing contents Simply, we can use our website in order to share the content to introduce about the property. Besides, we also can upload to a lot of other platforms, such as Facebook, Wordpress blog, Youtube… These platforms now support 360-degree content, then and they are all great marketing channels for us at the moment. 

If you have an app of your hotel, don’t forget to upload the content there. Or even we can build a VR app and make it a marketing channel in the VR world. We also should encourage our customers to share the content they capture into the social network, to the apps we have or reviewing sites. 

Besides, 360-degree/VR photos and videos, we also can think about to create some games that are related to our hotels. We know that now VR game is very hot and attract at lots of people, then this is also a good way for us to try.

VR experience on-side
What we are selling with our hotels? Rooms? No, we are selling the experience from our hotels to our customers!

We bring the customers the greatest experience at our hotel, that’s why we always have to try to improve our products/services to match the demand of the customers. Then how about equipping our hotels with some VR devices to bring VR experience to the customers?

Right at the hotel rooms we can equipe some VR devices there to offer the customers a chance to experience VR. But how to get the most from this?

With this VR, we can prepare content about the local things, such as introduction about the city, where the travelers like visiting, the local special things. Even we can think about how to cooperate with other local companies to promote their products/services with the VR devices we have here. 

Now let’s imagine travelers who goes on vacation to a city like Barcelona or Paris, but instead of experiencing the city will be transported to an entirely different location. With fully immersive experience that VR can bring to us, this is another experience for our customers. 

Equipping VR at every room of the hotel might be expensive, but we no need just think about PC VR here, since we still have other choices with standalone VR devices and VR Cardboards that are much affordable for our strategies. 

Besides, we also can build some VR experiment sections at our hotels. This can be done even when we have VR devices at every room, or we have no. Then now we also can think about how to get the most from this.