How VR and AR technology can change our life?


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How VR and AR technology can change our life?

2017-04-21 10:45:00

Both virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are the big things in our modern life. Many people, many types of research show that these techs will be very popular in our life in the near future. They are the next wave after mobile phone.

Then how will these both technologies will change our life?

At the moment, we can see that virtual reality can be involved in many fields of our life: gaming, education, marketing, tourism, real estate, healthcare and so on. Augmented reality is also supposed to bring big things in many fields in another way. And many people believe that AR will be much more popular than VR. This might be right!

They change the way we learn

The first thing these both technologies will bring to us is to change the way we are taught about the life. It will be more practical and visual than ever!

Before, we just learn with text inside the books, listen to the teachers to explain about what the books tell, and also from other’s points of view. The rest of this is that we imagine about those things to understand. But, now we have VR and AR, all that we learn will be more visual and practical.

We can see what we are learning with virtual reality and augmented reality, then everything becomes more real, help us understand the things much more easily. Check the Real Applications of Virtual Reality in Education, we can see that virtual reality is now being applied in many fields of education.

They change the way we entertain

This is very clear, especially when we talk about gaming and watching movies with virtual reality. All that we play and watch will be virtual reality, bring us really deeply immersive experience.

However, virtual reality and augmented reality are not just for gaming. We now even can enjoy VR movies that bring us much better experience. This is not the same as we watch movies in 5D, it is even better than that. Or we can use augmented reality in order to watch videos by scanning a photo or playing games with our real life, and let’s think about Pokemón Go to have a better imagination.

We will communicate in different ways

It is not just like we are communicating with smartphones at the moment since we have been hearing about a term named “social VR”. We will be able to communicate with other people in a simulated world as they are right next to us while they are really far from us. This can help us go closer to our family, friends and even customers, partners.

How about augmented reality? Now let’s think we are walking in the street and wearing AR glasses; and somebody calls us, we simply speak to the glasses to pick up the call and we can see that person’s avatar right on the lens of the glasses. We can still both walk and talk with that people. Or we also can think about meeting a person for the first time. We wear AR glasses and it can show us some basic information of that person, of course, this information is published by himself/herself on somewhere, such as Facebook or Twitter. Then this can help us understand more about him/her, and it will be much easier to approach and to be friends.

They change the way we buy things

Online shopping now is very popular over the world, it helps people can get stuff much easier, cheaper and more convenient. However, there are still lots of problems with this, and it is still not the greatest way for our shopping. For example, we can buy clothes from an online shop, but when we get them, we realize that they are not really what we expect. But virtual reality can help us to have a better shopping experience with a virtual fitting room, or simply we visit the shop with just our VR headsets at home, and we still can know clearly about the stuff we want to buy.

When it comes to augmented reality, AR shopping is kind of different. We can use AR glasses to access an online shop and select something for our home, right at home. We select the stuff we want and try to put it in our home and see how it will look like if we put it there. Or when we walk into a supermarket with AR glasses, we can all the information of the products we are going to buy, not just the thing we can see on their packets.

Virtual reality and augmented reality is not just simple like that when we talk about shopping since we can use them in order to buy bigger things, such as a car or a house. However, let’s think if we even can use these technologies to decide a deal/a project with our partners? A project is even built, but we can use virtual reality and augmented reality to know the result, then we can know if the project is good for us or not.

They change the way we are treated in hospitals

At the moment, virtual reality is being applied in many hospitals, and this technology brings many benefits for many types of patients. About the applications of virtual reality in healthcare, we can see that it is used to train medical students in surgery, to treat the person with PTSD/autism, to help the patient to handle their pain. Virtual reality even can bring opportunities for the disabled, and scientists are trying to use this technology more in the hospital, then lots of things will change with this technology.

According to Lifewire, augmented reality can reduce the risk of an operation by giving the surgeon improved sensory perception. This technology can be combined with MRI or X-ray systems and bring everything into a single view for the surgeon.

Neurosurgery is at the forefront when it comes to surgical applications of augmented reality. The ability to image the brain in 3D on top of the patient's actual anatomy is very powerful for the surgeon. Since the brain is somewhat fixed compared to other parts of the body, the registration of exact coordinates can be achieved. Concern still exists surrounding the movement of tissue during surgery. This can affect the exact positioning required for augmented reality to work.

They change the way we work

People now are using AR at many factories in order to help the workers to deal with the problems of the machines. Meanwhile, many designers can use AR or VR to develop their drawing better.

“Using a head-worn display, a mechanic making repairs to engines can see superimposed imagery and information in their actual line of sight. The procedure might be presented in a box in the corner and an image of the tool that they would use can illustrate the exact motion the mechanic needs to perform. The augmented reality system can label all the important parts. Complex procedural repairs can be broken down into a series of simple steps. Simulations can be used to train technicians which can significantly reduce training expenses.” – According to Lifewire.

They bring different marketing methods

When virtual reality and augmented reality can involve a lot into our life, then marketers will also have to change the way they run their marketing campaign to approach the prospective in a better way. I also wrote an article about the applications of virtual reality in marketing and branding, I believe that virtual reality will be also a big thing for marketers to consider for their next campaigns.

Augmented reality is, too. The marketers will have to prepare more information about their brands and products to provide to their customers with AR technology. Also, they can use augmented reality to develop very special campaigns.

To take an example, we can have a look at the Layar Reality Browser, an application for iPhone and Android designed to show the world around you by displaying real time digital information in conjunction with the real world. It uses the camera on your mobile device to augment your reality. Using the GPS location feature on your mobile device, the Layer application retrieves data based on where you are and can display this data to you on your mobile screen. Details about popular places, structures, and even movies are covered by Layers. Layer is more than just a browser. It's an augmented reality platform that encourages developers to build application or "Layers" that they can sell.

In summary, both virtual reality and augmented reality are big in our modern life and they can change our life in many different ways, and the above are just some of them. Let’s wait and see more about these interesting technologies.