What we can do with virtual reality for real estate right now?


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What we can do with virtual reality for real estate right now?

2017-05-17 16:53:00

Virtual reality was really hot in 2016, and it seems that we still need time to witness this new technology go mainstream. However, if we start to use this technology for our business right now, we will have a lot of benefits. And of course, as we see now, many companies have been applying this into their business. We can use VR technology for our marketing campaigns, for the travel industry, health care, hospitality and so on. How about real estate?

According to Azad Abbasi - Founder and CEO of Genius Marketing- with his post “How Virtual Reality Could Revolutionize The Real Estate Industry” published on Forbes, here are the top two hurdles of the average real estate agent:
“- Agents have to manage the time it takes to go from one visit to the other, dealing with traffic among other elements out of their control.
- The most commonly heard phrase in real estate is, “It doesn’t look like the pictures.”

And he also wrote: “Virtual reality can help immediately resolve both of these issues. It offers the possibility to virtually visit a lot more homes in a lot less time. This will naturally increase sales efficiency, as well as allow the ability to see more potential buyers.”

Then we can see that virtual reality can also be applied to the real estate industry, and help people to solve their problems.

Now let’s see how can use this technology for our real estate business and increase our revenue.

Under construction properties

For under construction real estate, we can create VR 3D videos of the rooms inside our apartments or buildings or even the outside environment. Let’s think our properties are still in construction, then there is nothing completed to show to our customers, but our customers still want to see the properties they want to buy!

Some 2D or 3D drawings might be useful, but that is not enough, especially they do not bring our customers a deep experience of the properties. Meanwhile, we also help our customers to have right decisions when they have to spend lots of money to buy a property. Now VR 3D videos can help us!

We also use 3D technology, but it will be 360-degree 3D video and we can use with VR headsets. Once our customers wear the VR headsets on, they can immerse into the room they want to see and look around, every corner and even outside views.

In order to bring our customers the better experience, we will combine different types of mediums within the virtual experience, using 360-degree photography, video footage and 3D renderings, and even audios. We can also use interactive technology here to help the customers to walk around the properties and see all the bedrooms, kitchen, or everywhere inside.

Completed properties

We also can do the same with the completed properties, but they will not be 3D anymore. We will use 360- degree cameras to capture the properties and let our customers watch them when they don’t want to visit the properties in person.

Of course, we also can use these VR videos to upload somewhere for our marketing, then our prospectives can watch them from anywhere on the earth (or even out of the earth). When it comes to this, don’t forget that there are a lot of great channels that support 360-degree content, I mean not only videos but also photos. We have Facebook, Youtube support this stuff, and people browsing these sites in a huge volume per day.

Virtual reality commerce

We can create our own platform ( a website that supports VR or a VR app) and upload all of our VR content there, of course, they should be divided into different categories. But don’t forget that we even can use this platform to sell or lease our properties directly here.

What can we do with VR technology for our real estate business? If you have any thoughts, don’t hesitate to contact via info@focalmax.net