Fangle S1 – Ultra-short throw projector that meet your demand!


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Fangle S1 – Ultra-short throw projector that meet your demand!

2017-11-28 16:33:00

Recently we have officially launched Fangle S1, an ultra-short-throw projector that we also brought to CES 2017 in Las Vegas and MWC 2017 in Barcelona. Then now, If you want to create a huge image in the room, or a projector right up against the wall, Fangle S1 can be your choice!

Fangle S1 - 4K Ultra-short throw projector

With Fangle S1, the installation is almost not needed. Since Fangle S1 is an ultra-short throw projector then we just simply put it right against the wall and adjust to fit with the scale we want. When we place it a few inches from the wall, it can bring us a screen from 80 to 200 inches. Therefore, what we need here is just a small table next to the wall to put Fangle S1 on it, and in order to have a better quality of the images, of course, we’ll need a screen. In case of that, we don’t want to leave it on the table, we also can hang it on right next to the wall. It’s all up to our demand.
Fangle S1 - 4K ultra-short throw projector

Fangle S1 is developed with a high-performance processor from Texas Instrument – TI 0.65. This ultra-short-throw projector can project the images with the quality of 1080p, and even 4K resolution. Besides, If we want to enjoy 3D content, we also can convert it to 3D mode. Then this one can be a one-stop solution for your favorite content. 

Fangle S1 is also developed with a long-life bulb that can last for 20.000 hours. This means that we can use Fangle S1 for a long time with just a single bulb. Meanwhile, traditionally running a projector all day long has been expensive in terms of replacement bulbs and maintenance. Now let’s think if we use Fangle S1 for 8 hours per day, then how long we can use it? It is 2500 days! And if we use it every day of the year, then we will be able to use it for almost 7 years with just one bulb! This is also something to help us reduce the cost of using the projector, and obviously, it is much easier to use!
Fangle S1 - 4K Ultra-short throw Projector

The room has lots of natural light? This might make us a headache with a traditional projector, but we no need worry about that with Fangle S1! Fangle S1 has light source up to 10.000 lumens, and its on-wall physical brightness is up to 3200 lumens, which is 6 times higher than a tradition projector. Besides, Focalmax also offer a special screen (100 inches) that bring us the best quality of the images, and this screen is developed with anti-optical technology, which makes HD screen perfect in the daytime rendering, and it won’t hurt our eyes! 

So in which sector Fangle S1 can be used? We can use Fangle S1 for many sectors: Education, Hospitality, Office and even right at our home to create our own home theater. 

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