Why we should use interactive projector in classroom?


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Why we should use interactive projector in classroom?

2017-12-06 14:37:00

We are living in a digital age, and the digital stuff are making our life easier and better. Using digital stuff in a classroom is not something new. We can see the student using laptop, tablet or even smartphone to learn, while the teacher are also using those things to teach with a projector. Projector now might be an essential equipment for many classrooms, it helps the teacher teach easier and better with visual aids. With an interactive projector, it will be even more than that, it can bring more benefits than a traditional projector.

Ultra short throw projector in classroom

Easier teaching, better note taking

Before the teacher and student had to use chalks to take note on a board, but the chalk dust is not something good for our health. By using whiteboard we can avoid the chalk dust, but is it good enough? As we can see, no many classrooms prefer whiteboard for teaching. Using projector is a good choice, but a traditional projector still has lots of limitations for teaching, especially note-taking and displaying under the light. 

With a traditional projector, we have to hang it on the ceiling, and then when the teacher are presenting their lessons, they walk to the screen area and we can see their shadow on the screen, instead of the content of the lessons. Then an ultra-short throw (UST) projector (installed right against the screen) will be a much better choice (not only for classroom, but also for office, hotel, and many other sectors). However, it still can be better if it is an interactive UST projector

The teacher can projector their lessons on the screen, while they still can take note on the screen by hand (they also can type there). This can make their teaching better and more efficient. Let’s imagine when a teacher is talking about something new to his/her students with a Powerpoint lesson, and he/she wants to draw something to explain more clearly or take an example, he/she can turn on another window right on the screen (or even on the same window) and then draw by hand. Or just simply that the teacher doesn’t want to use the computer to control the screen, he/she can do that by touching the screen, just like with touch our smartphone. 

By projecting the lesson on the screen, the student can concentrate on listening to the teacher and no need to pay so much attention to know which one they should take note, then help them get exact notes that the lesson lead them to, which is particularly useful when covering new or complex topics, as it ensures everybody has the same (correct) foundations to refer back to. Of course, the teacher also can store the lesson online then share with his/her student to refer later.

Better engaging for student

Learning with something interactive will make the student more engaged to the lesson since they can concentrate easier when they are playing an active role. The teacher can design a lesson in which a group of students can come to draw on an interactive screen which can make them ideal for increasing engagement via group projects and presentations. The student are likely to join the lesson more seriously when they work together in front of the class. Moreover, this can help the student remember the lesson better.

The teacher also can prepare various types of games and encourage their students to join during the lessons. If it’s just a traditional projector, the teacher just can design some games that ask the students to answer or play around their seats. But if it’s an interactive projector, lots of much more fun games can be played inside the class. For example, a foreign language teacher can design some word games and call his/her student to come to the screen and let him/her listen to the word, then ask that student to choose which word is right. The student choose the word by touching the screen and the result will appear after that. Does it sound like we are playing word games on a smartphone or a tablet?

Better use of class time

The teacher will have to prepare lots of things the lesson before the class time, then they still have to take note on the board. This is not so effective, especially in our digital age. But by preparing Powerpoint, the lesson content can be shown on the screen and the teacher no need to take the note down anymore. Thereby, the teacher can control the lesson and the class more efficiently, and also help the student concentrate better on what they are learning. Of course, with tons of time, the student can learn more things in class.

Better student presentation

It’s the same as the teacher, the student can use an interactive screen to present their work in a more creative way. They can prepare a very interesting work to show in front of the class, then can control it by just touching the screen there. Of course, with the interactive screen like this, both the teacher and student will be more creative to design their work, in order to make the class time more effective and interesting. It will take more time to prepare? Yes, but it’s worth to spend time on finding or creating new things. This can really encourage the creativity of the teacher and student.

There are lots of benefits we can get when using a projector in classroom, but an interactive projector can do more than that. Contact us for more information for UST projector with interactive screen: info@focalmax.net.