An ultra-short throw laser projector or a flat screen TV?


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An ultra-short throw laser projector or a flat screen TV?

2017-12-20 14:26:00
You are wondering you should buy an ultra-short-throw (UST) projector or and a flat screen television? The decision is still up to the design of your room, but here are something to consider before making your final decision.

If you are a movie lover or a game, a UST laser projector should be your choice since it can bring a more affordable way to immerse into the entertainment with a big screen while still can help us save the space of the room. Meanwhile, for businesses, a projector provides flexibility and big-screen images that add impact to better business results. However, we still have other things to consider.
Fangle S1 - ultra short throw projector

When image size is what you care about

If you belong to movie lover and gamer groups, a bigger screen obviously is your choice. It also means that a UST projector is the best one for you. A UST projector can create a large image size. Such as with our Fangle S1, we can have a screen size from 80 to 200 inches with a very high-quality image (1080P, or even 4K and 3D). Meanwhile, most of the flat-screen TVs offer screen from 32 to 100 inches. You might hear about some TVs with a large screen, but when it comes to the price, it will be really a problem since they are more expensive than UST projectors. 

When Immersive 3D experience is what you care about

In the market we can see that there are some projectors that support 2D to 3D conversion, allows us not only to enjoy 2D content but also 3D. 3D content from video games, movies, and sporting events can be delivered from computers, video game consoles, satellite televisions or Blu-ray 3D players. This type of content looks more realistic and are much more engaging when displayed with image sizes larger than 100 inches. Besides, 3D projection offers a wide viewing angle that optimized the experience for multiple viewers.

When you have large room and audiences

If you are thinking about equipping a large venue or a conference room, or an exhibition space, projectors will be a better choice since they can bring us great image sizes. Especially, with a UST projector like Fangle S1, we can combine multiple projectors to display a huge image for a large room. Since we design Fangle S1 with original dual-channel surface image fusion processor,allow us to have one image to create a seamless giant screen from numbers of projectors. The fusion processor can automatically adjust the splicing to achieve a seamless arc fusion splicing (also work with 3D decoding and video wall capabilities).Besides, UST projectors have high lumens, which will deliver bright and clear images, provide impact for presentations even in rooms with ambient light.

When you want to create home theater

If you are thinking about creating a theater at your home, big-screen images with vibrant colors and excellent picture quality are the key. A UST projector that has high lumens and full HD resolution is a good choice. This type of projector can deliver high color saturation and robust contrast ratio to ensure that movies and other projected images provide an exciting and immersive experience. 

When you want to have a large interactive screen

UST projectors with interactive screens are an excellent solution for not only classrooms and training facilities, but also shopping mall, entertainment places. This type of projector can enhance learning, get students involved in the presented subject matter in new ways. Meanwhile, it can attract people in shopping mall or entertainment places to play around with interactive content, and then pay attention to the brands there.