Warranty policies




  • Warranty Policy

    Any disputes arising from transactions at Focalmax retail stores and Focalmax official stores on JD.com or Taobao.

  • Warranty period

    Within 15 days from the successful payment made by the buyer.

  • The purchaser can enjoy the following rights and benefits

    The following problems are encountered in the process of making a purchase:
    .The delivered products have quality problems;
    .The delivered products are different from the description on the internet;
    .Products were not delivered after payment.
    The seller promises to refund payment for returned goods and pay for the delivery expenses of the first shipment and return.
    If the seller fails to fulfill its promise, the buyer may initiate action to uphold their rights based on the regulations as listed on the website from which the Focalmax product was purchased. If a ruling to protect the buyer’s rights is successful, a deduction from the seller’s cash guarantee will be made as an advance payout so as to protect the interests of the buyer.
    Note: Transactions completed by buyers that are not in accordance with the transaction process will not be included in the scope of the consumer guarantee:
     1. Buyer’s confirm receipt of the products before they are delivered;
     2. Buyers fail to promptly apply for a refund or pay on time prior to the delivery of the products.