Scati ONE launched in Bejing on Oct 12th


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Scati ONE launched in Bejing on Oct 12th

2016-10-14 16:26:00

Oct. 12, 2016. Beijing - Focalmax, a global intelligent terminal manufacturer and mobile internet service provider, today launched its Scati ONE VR/AR All-in-One glasses with the theme of “ONE Virtual Exploration into Reality” and announced its VR ecosystem strategy. The event was the debut and pre-sale kick-off of the Scati ONE family, while it also highlighted Focalmax’s partnerships with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., and

Ms. Ma Yi, general manager of Focalmax, noted in her opening remarks that Focalmax is a start-up whose leading technology and quality resources in the field of “optics and communications” are its core competencies in the VR market. “The Scati ONE family is a consumer-grade range of all-in-one VR/AR glasses. The adoption of advanced optical technology and the dedication to the industrial design has shown our commitment to our consumers,” said Ms. Ma. “Additionally, our strategic partnerships with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., and aim at creating an integrated VR ecosystem will help to provide the support for hardware, content and channel distribution, and serve as a milestone for Focalmax in its drive to complement its full VR industrial chain.” 

Debut of the Scati ONE Family 

The Scati ONE family comes in three versions – Scati ONE Lite, Scati ONE Neo and Scati ONE. They all feature high optical standards, which include a 2.5K HD OLED display, a 110° FOV that provides a fully immersive experience, a square aspheric monocular dual lens that perfectly covers the screen, extra-low dispersion optical materials that eliminate red/cyan dispersion, and self-adaptive pupillary distance. All these functions illustrate Focalmax’s strong optical R&D capabilities. 

The three versions of Scati ONE all adopt the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, featuring its outstanding VR SDK technology that can provide Focalmax with advanced VR functions including DSP sensor and GPU computing, therefore reducing the “motion-to-photon latency” by 50 percent.
In addition, the light accordion structure that weighs less than 360 grams is also an outstanding feature. 
The premium version – Scati ONE – is significantly different from other existing all-in-one VR devices on the market. Apart from the dual intelligent bionic eye 3D camera that captures simulation images, the dual imaging lens driven by Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 enable the glasses to not only stream interactive gameplay and video in a virtual world, but also offers AR and MR functions. The button on the side of the device (which allows the view to be switched between virtual and reality with just one click) perfectly integrates reality with virtuality, providing a fully immersive and live sensory experience. Moreover, the optical standards of Scati ONE are higher than the previous two versions. 

Partnerships with Qualcomm and 

Despite a promising outlook for the VR industry in China, each section of the industry chain is fragmented and very few companies are able to build an integrated ecosystem. Ms. Ma noted that hardware devices, content and platforms are three indispensable components required to develop an integrated VR ecosystem. 

“Apart from our software development capabilities, Focalmax’s strength in optical R&D and the advanced technology of Qualcomm constitute our core competency – hardware,” said Ms. Ma. “, as our content cooperation partner, can provide 7,000+ copyrighted VR resources and as a result, we are capable of establishing a one-stop integrated experience for users including hardware, software, content and platform.”

Hugo Swart, Senior Director and Head IoE-Consumer Electronics at Qualcomm Technologies, noted that, “We offer cutting edge technologies to companies including Focalmax to bring truly immersive VR experience to their customers. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor is aimed at providing all-in-one glasses including Scati ONE with strong functions and outstanding performances needed by VR industry.”

Ms. Zhao Jingyi, Managing Director of, said: “The partnership between and Focalmax establishes a win-win situation in which the two companies’ unique strengths and resources can be pooled together to complement one another. The integration of VR and traditional cinema is expected to catalyze new breakthroughs in the movie industry as we begin to develop amazingly immersive interactive VR films.” 

Pre-sale Kick-off on 

The three versions of the Scati ONE family (Scati ONE Lite, Scati ONE Neo and Scati ONE) target different consumers by providing three price ranges: RMB 999, RMB 1,699 and RMB 2,499. The initial batch of Scati ONEs are expected to be pre-sold on exclusively on the launch day. Focalmax is in negotiations for the exclusive cooperation with for other product lines, laying the foundation for the expansion of its domestic distribution.