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Focalmax To Exhibit Individual AR Glass at CES 2017

2016-12-31 02:16:00

Focalmax exhibited the major smart optical technologies and products at CES 2017. Besides showcasing the full product line-up, Focalmax also discussed a “Smart Connection” concept by introducing the close interconnectivity among its different products. The individual AR smart glass – SCATI S1 – is a highlight of the presentation.

Outstanding Hardware

Aiming to establish its own smart-connected ecosystem and achieving connectivity “Anytime & Anywhere”, Focalmax showcased the interconnectivity and complementary natures between different product lines during the exhibition and discussed its profound “Smart Connection” concept. 

Scati S1 - Monocular AR Glass

The SCATI S1 is equipped with a high-resolution front camera as well as a self-developed optical lens that creates a 5" virtual perspective 250mm from the human eye. All the data are directly transmitted via HDMI by connecting with intelligent terminals such as a smart phone. Users can read data and messages as well as watch videos without interruption to their natural field of vision. Augmented reality is brought to life using software and algorithms combined with a micro camera and motion sensors. SCATI S1 has a screen resolution of 1024*768 and a refresh rate of 120Hz. A Bluetooth headset and high-fidelity microphone provide excellent speech recognition and voice control functions. The headset only weighs 40 grams, even with all those built-in functions. This lightweight design comes with lens clips and is suitable for a variety of frames to make it more flexible. Its comprehensive functionality provides users with a high-tech optical product that integrates augmented reality, intelligence, and portability.

Scati S1 - Monocular AR Glass