Smartphone 3D market expected to generate about USD 2,028.8 million by 2022


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Smartphone 3D market expected to generate about USD 2,028.8 million by 2022

2017-05-03 14:45:00

The recent technological advancements have driven the adoption of cameras in smartphones. Meanwhile, 3D camera now is also a trend that many smartphone manufacturers care about. However, another thing comes with 3D camera on smartphone: 3D display. Fortunately, now we also have naked-eye 3D display, that allows us to watch 3D content right on our phones while we no need wear any 3D glasses.

3D camera technology nevertheless requires advanced hardware support in smartphones, namely better storage space and advanced processors. Increasing adoption of smartphones and rapid technological advancements has led to the growth of the global smartphone 3D camera market.

We are also witnessing several companies, include Focalmax, investing much in research and development activities to launch advanced and innovative smartphone 3D cameras. At Focalmax, we also invest in 3D display, that allows the user to play 3D content right on the phone, or even bigger display (such as 3D advertising display).

According to a research of Grand View Research, “the global smartphone 3D market is expected to generate about USD 2,028.8 million by 2022 at a CAGR of above 48.2%from 2015 to 2022. The industry is expected to grow at the significant rate owing to the rising demand from entertainment and media industries over the next seven years. The entertainment and media industry has been witnessing high demand for 3D content. In addition, increasing application scope of 3D imaging in security surveillance, mobile robots and home automation is expected to boost product need over the forecast period.”

3D scanning technologies are rising, and this has enable the player to launch products that provide high-quality images and videos. The market has also witnessing the demand for 3D smartphones increasing, which is expected to boost the application of 3D technology from now to 2022. 3D application in the various smartphones is expected to drive product need over the next years.

Also from the above research, the rising R&D focus on the smart phone integrated with 3D sensors can sense various movements and enables it to capture specific dimensions of objects and environments. Due to superior properties such as real sensing of the object, HD clarity and high performance the product is expected to gain popularity among the young generation. This is expected to augment demand over the forecast period. However, high product prices coupled with compatibility issues are expected to challenge growth.

Stereo visioning technology is largely being employed in movie recording, and gaming. These stereo vision based 3D cameras are easy to design, have adjustable range and are available at low prices. These advantages are expected to propel the industry over the forecast period. In 2013, the wide adoption of stereo vision 3D based technology has contributed about to above 60% of its market size. Application of 3D cameras in tablets is expected to augment demand over the forecast period.

Ref: Grand View Research